Lessons in Seeing(2017)

When the elderly math teacher, Sibhatleab, ventures alone from a refugee camp in Ethiopia, he finds himself at the bottom rung of the social ladder in a vast, faceless Texan metropolis, the summer before a contentious election. As he still copes with his unthinkable twenty-five year history of imprisonment and torture, he finds hope at Salem Market, a tiny store that caters to Houston’s refugee community. The film tells his story of disillusionment and resilience, questioning our understanding of the immigrant experience in contemporary America.

Filmed in Houston, Texas
Running Time: 98min
Ratio 16:9
Digital Frame rate 23.976
Screening format: Blue-Ray, DVD, DCP
Language: English, Tigriyna, Arabic, Amharic
Subtitles: English


Directed by Yehuda Sharim

Produced by Yan Digilov and the Firestarter Group

Edited by Micaela S.A. and Abbigail Vandersnick

Camera Operation by Yehuda Sharim

Post Production Sound by Scott Szabo

Post Production Picture #1 by Frederick Trevino
Post Production Picture #2 by Daniel Styuck

Translation by Salem Hadgu, Abiel Tsegai, Somer Atshan, & Lula Tikabo

Cast: Sibhatleab Gebrekedin Mebrahtu, Theodoros Gliptis, Lula Tikabo, Nura Mohamed, Mebrat Kahsay, Amel Adl, Binyam Gebrehewet, Idris Ali, Muhammad Ali, Nancy Adossi, Sahlu & Asha Family

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